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Business Advisers | Accountants | Tax Consultants
Growing needn't be a pain ....

You've been going a while and have a clearer picture of what your business is, and where you want it to go, or have got to the stage where you need to do less of everything yourself.
What could go on here .....

- bringing staff onto your payroll

- cashflow becomes more crucial

- registering for VAT

- borrowing or attracting investment

- your balance sheet gets bigger, or doesn't!
Often you'd be driving your business forward and outsourcing some or all of the back office. Why not explore the possibility by contacting Chris Dixon on 01732 550030 or drop him an email.
Growing Talk
Can you expand too fast?

There's one word that used to be drummed into accountancy and business studies students and strikes fear into bank managers .... overtrading. This is where your incoming cash flow doesn't keep up with what needs to go out. It can killl an otherwise good business and ironically happens more to companies when the economy comes out of recession.